Incoming Students

The following courses are offered at the Institut für Pädagogik in Erlangen:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Course in Pedagogy (three-year study)
  • Master’s Degree Course in Pedagogy (two-year study)

The Bachelor’s Degree study program in Erlangen offers an academic approach to questions of general pedagogy. Basically it’s about learning pedagogical thinking and research methods in the field of education. Students learn something about the basics of pedagogy, historical developments concerning pedagogy as an academic discipline, several subject areas around learning and education, and – furthermore – fields of work in this context.

The Master’s Degree offers a more scientific approach and in-depth scientific training to these topics and methods.

With regards to content the main focus of the study is – beside general pedagogy – on organisational pedagogy and cultural education:

  • Organisational pedagogy in general focuses on supporting learning processes in and from organisations. In particular it’s about tasks in continuing education, in human resources and organisational development as well as tasks concerning coaching and consulting services.
  • Cultural education is aimed at offering children, young people and adults the possibility for encounters with arts and culture in all its variety and by doing so supporting them to configurate their living environment and to participate on culture and society.

Further information (in German):

Specific information concerning the study program, courses and lectures is available in our module descriptions.

The actual Course Catalogue can be found here.


Christoph Röseler, M.A.

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